Ruth's Story

The Power of a Helping Hand: Ruth’s Story

When Ruth, a mother of five, separated from her husband, she became the sole provider for her family. Each of her children were under the age of nine, and Ruth had to find a way to support them—as well as pay for rent and utilities—which put her under a lot of financial stress. Ruth was […]


The Significance of Support: Rachel’s Story

Rachel, a teenager living in Los Angeles, was shocked to learn that she was pregnant at only 16. “I didn’t really think this would ever happen to me,” she said. “At one point, I was considering abortion because I wasn’t ready and thought I couldn’t be a good mom to my son. After a lot […]

Jolie’s Story

A Helping Hand for the Classroom: Jolie’s Story

When six-year-old Jolie began first grade, her teachers noticed that she struggled with reading, math and homework. She quickly began to fall behind in her work and had difficulties keeping up with her classmates. Jolie eventually stopped finishing her assignments regularly and showed little interest in improving. Her teachers began to consider assigning her to […]

Jennifer’s Story

Never Giving Up: Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer, a single mother of four, has seen more grief than most parents can bear. Among her four children, she has one son who was diagnosed with autism and a developmental disorder, a daughter who attempted suicide, and another son who suffered a brain injury after a car crash. As the sole provider for her […]


Emerging Stronger After Tragedy: Dama’s Story

Despite an improving economy, poverty and homelessness rates continue to rise in single-mother households. To support these single mothers and struggling parents, INMED provides case managers to work with families who are on the brink of homelessness. These caring counselors provide knowledge, resources, and support for parents like Dama to stay in their homes and […]


A Life Transformed: Coralia’s Story

Family support workers in INMED’s Healthy Families Loudoun program care deeply for the families they serve. Naturally, these support workers are filled with pride when a parent gains the knowledge, skills, and commitment to graduate from the program with strength and self-confidence. One of these family support workers shared the story of a 23-year-old Coralia […]

Annie’s Story

Paying it Forward: Annie’s Story

Annie, a first-time mother, was working with a family support worker in INMED’s Healthy Families Loudoun program in order to gain valuable parenting skills. She became one of the most dedicated participants in the program, and was eager to share what she had been learning with others. She offered to babysit for Nora, also a […]

Carlos' Story

A New Way of Learning: Carlos’s Story

Schools across Brazil are growing greener as more and more communities take part in INMED’s Health in Action program. This program educates students like Carlos and his community on the importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyles by teaching them the benefits of gardening. “I like a lot of these activities,” Carlos said. “Before I didn’t […]

Anita's Story

Timing is Everything: Anita’s Story

In Ucayali region of Peru, many small indigenous villages are far away from health care facilities such as hospitals or clinics. In some cases, it can take up to a day to reach a health post, and in emergency situations, these journeys prove to be too long for those in need of urgent care. Anita […]

Ana and Renan's Story

Taking the Classroom Home: Ana and Renan’s Story

Throughout Brazil, schools are teaching students about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and maintaining proper hygiene. With the help of INMED’s Health in Action program, many of these schools are planting gardens. These gardens serve as an outside classroom that show students the nutritional advantages of the the vegetables they are growing. Additionally, the […]