Cultivating an Early Love of Learning: Alicia’s Story

While working with participants in the Healthy Families Loudoun program, INMED’s family support workers encourage parents to read to their children from the day they are born. Reading together not only promotes parent-child bonding and attachment—it also encourages an early love of reading among children and fosters optimal child development. Building a foundation for school […]

Agnes and Ishmael’s Stories

Power in Planting: Agnes and Ishmael’s Stories

Rainbow High School and Repholositswe Secondary School serve students in two impoverished rural communities in Free State, South Africa. Both areas are plagued by violence, and students have few opportunities for extracurricular activities. INMED’s South African Adaptive Agriculture Program worked with both schools to create school gardens, providing a productive outlet for youth after school, […]

Diana's Story

Giving Babies a Healthy Start: Diana’s Story

Diana Shane, a nurse-midwife from Colorado, volunteered at one of INMED’s maternity waiting homes in the Amazon rainforest. She shared her experiences and perspectives through a monthly journal. “Ever since nursing school,” she wrote, “I have considered volunteering in another part of the world where my knowledge and skills might be of some help to […]

Eduardo’s Story

A Family on the Edge Keeps Their Home: Eduardo’s Story

Supporting three sons can be stressful at times for single father Eduardo, especially since one of his children has significant developmental disabilities. Having no reliable means of transportation made it extremely difficult for Eduardo to maintain steady employment and take his son to medical and therapy appointments. Not knowing how to budget, he routinely overspent to […]

Dina's Story

A Place to Stay Saves a Life: Dina’s Story

Dina, a pregnant mother of five, had never given birth in a health facility. She lives deep in Peru’s Amazon jungle, and all of her children were delivered at home—including one she delivered all by herself! Dina discovered INMED’s new maternity waiting home, or casa de espera, after hearing about it through a community outreach […]

Leila's Story

Home Sweet Home: Leila’s Story

As a single mother with two daughters, Leila had a lot on her plate. After coming to America from Liberia, Leila became a licensed practical nurse. Despite her steady work, Leila did not have health insurance. After experiencing a serious illness, she was left with overwhelming medical bills, and after struggling to pay her rent, […]

Laura's Story

The Path Toward Motherhood: Laura’s Story

Many first-time mothers have concerns about their pregnancies, but Laura Aguilar was especially worried when she was carrying her first daughter. Her previous pregnancy had resulted in a stillborn baby at 38 weeks and Laura was afraid the same thing would happen again. She was also anxious about not living with the father of her […]

Maria and Cristiane’s Stories

Transformational Gardens: Maria and Cristiane’s Stories

Maria José, a mother in rural Chã de Alegria, was inspired to grow a home vegetable garden after discussing the value of healthy foods with her child’s teacher. Her family owned a lot of land, but had never planted on it. She built the garden after taking part in an INMED training session, “I don’t […]

Michelle's Story

Grateful for a Helping Hand: Michelle’s Story

After recently going through a divorce, Michelle, became a single mother of three young children. She faced a number of financial challenges that threatened the security and welfare of her family.  With no access to transportation, she had to find work within walking distance of her home. Michelle was able to secure a part-time job, […]

Natanael’s Story

Poetry Opens a Hopeful Path: Natanael’s Story

While many students his age in the small town of Francisco Morato quit school, unable to adequately read or write, 10-year-old Natanael da Silva Santos chose to write poetry. Natanael’s teacher, Luciana Alves dos Reis Silva, is a participant in INMED Brasil’s Ready to Teach, Ready to Learn program. The Brazilian Ministry of Education at […]