Pietrus’ Story

Overcoming the Burden of Hunger: Pietrus’ Story

In a poor rural community of South Africa’s Free State province, Pietrus Moshoeshoe was struggling desperately. He had taken over his family farming cooperative group after his father passed away, making him responsible for 66 extended family members, 47 of them children. Although Pietrus was learning from his father, he did not possess the same […]

Reshma’s Story

Turning Passions into Business: Reshma’s Story

Reshma Jagon grew up in rural Bunker’s Hill, Jamaica with her grandaunt and uncle, working the farmland. The family owned chickens, cows and a donkey, and grew plenty of crops to provide for themselves. Every day, Reshma would make the three-mile journey from her home to the farm and enjoy the time she spent there. […]

Denyse's Story

Growing New Beginnings: Denyse’s Story

Mustard Seed Communities was established in 1978 to support those with physical and mental disabilities. Jacob’s Ladder is one of these communities, catering specifically to adults with disabilities in Moneague, Jamaica. Denyse Perkins, the administrator of Jacob’s Ladder, has first-hand experience with the challenges in supporting the residents of this community. As a charity organization, […]

Wilson’s Story

Strengthening Livelihoods, Transforming Lives: Wilson’s Story

For someone with no formal education, securing employment in a remote mountain village in South Africa can be difficult. But Wilson Mphaphuli, who was born with a deformed leg, it seemed impossible. Despite this challenge, Wilson became the leader of the Thabelo Association for the Disabled, a struggling farming cooperative located in a remote village […]

Zahra’s Story

The Power of Persistence: Zahra’s Story

Zahra, wife and mother of two daughters, has a master’s degree and works as a teacher. Her family became homeless Rossy’s when she and her husband lost their jobs and were unable to make ends meet. After living in an emergency homeless shelter for several Treatment weeks, she joined INMED’s Opening Doors Solange’s program. “Zahra […]

Rodrigo’s Story

Life-Saving Treatment Just in Time: Rodrigo’s Story

Poor sanitation, lack of access to clean water, and limited knowledge of good hygiene practices can cause unhealthy conditions where infection with intestinal parasitic worms is common. These parasites, in particular, sap vital nutrients, energy and appetite, and can ultimately stunt infected children’s growth and learning potential. Fortunately, treatment is simple and safe INMED and, […]

Solange’s Story

Planting Seeds of Hope: Solange’s Story

For Solange, a single mother of 11, daily life was a struggle. With very limited education, she had to piece together odd jobs —selling used clothing, cleaning houses—to support her large family, including her infant granddaughter. Even though Solange had some income,it was still a challenge to make ends meet, and the family often went […]


About INMED Partnerships for Children

At INMED, we envision a world where children have a bright future, with a priority on safety, health, and education. Our goal is to transform the lives of children in need and  inspire and prepare their communities through proven and pioneering approaches to health, well-being, and the expansion of opportunities. We are celebrating our 30th […]