About INMED Partnerships for Children

At INMED, we envision a world where children have a bright future, with a priority on safety, health, and education. Our goal is to transform the lives of children in need and  inspire and prepare their communities through proven and pioneering approaches to health, well-being, and the expansion of opportunities.

We are celebrating our 30th anniversary with our new campaign, #Powerin30. A lot can be done with very little, especially when you add up all the little things. A $30 donation, a quick 30 seconds to share a post, or a quick text to 30 people to spread the word can help a cause in a big way. We at INMED want to prove there’s #Powerin30 and you can help us by making a small donation, or reading and sharing the stories of people whose lives have been transformed by INMED thanks to all the donations we receive from people like you.