Anita's Story

Timing is Everything: Anita’s Story

In Ucayali region of Peru, many small indigenous villages are far away from health care facilities such as hospitals or clinics. In some cases, it can take up to a day to reach a health post, and in emergency situations, these journeys prove to be too long for those in need of urgent care. Anita […]

Diana's Story

Giving Babies a Healthy Start: Diana’s Story

Diana Shane, a nurse-midwife from Colorado, volunteered at one of INMED’s maternity waiting homes in the Amazon rainforest. She shared her experiences and perspectives through a monthly journal. “Ever since nursing school,” she wrote, “I have considered volunteering in another part of the world where my knowledge and skills might be of some help to […]

Dina's Story

A Place to Stay Saves a Life: Dina’s Story

Dina, a pregnant mother of five, had never given birth in a health facility. She lives deep in Peru’s Amazon jungle, and all of her children were delivered at home—including one she delivered all by herself! Dina discovered INMED’s new maternity waiting home, or casa de espera, after hearing about it through a community outreach […]


About INMED Partnerships for Children

At INMED, we envision a world where children have a bright future, with a priority on safety, health, and education. Our goal is to transform the lives of children in need and  inspire and prepare their communities through proven and pioneering approaches to health, well-being, and the expansion of opportunities. We are celebrating our 30th […]

Hilda's Story

Saving Lives and Saving the Future: Hilda’s Story

In many developing countries, having a baby can come with various life-threatening risks. INMED’s Healthy Babies program in the Ucayali region of Peru focuses on addressing the causes of death and illness in childbirth. Their efforts range from helping women who are currently pregnant to supporting new mothers and phentermine their infants. In order to […]