Laura's Story

The Path Toward Motherhood: Laura’s Story

Many first-time mothers have concerns about their pregnancies, but Laura Aguilar was especially worried when she was carrying her first daughter. Her previous pregnancy had resulted in a stillborn baby at 38 weeks and Laura was afraid the same thing would happen again. She was also anxious about not living with the father of her […]

Michelle's Story

Grateful for a Helping Hand: Michelle’s Story

After recently going through a divorce, Michelle, became a single mother of three young children. She faced a number of financial challenges that threatened the security and welfare of her family.  With no access to transportation, she had to find work within walking distance of her home. Michelle was able to secure a part-time job, […]

Zahra’s Story

The Power of Persistence: Zahra’s Story

Zahra, wife and mother of two daughters, has a master’s degree and works as a teacher. Her family became homeless Rossy’s when she and her husband lost their jobs and were unable to make ends meet. After living in an emergency homeless shelter for several Treatment weeks, she joined INMED’s Opening Doors Solange’s program. “Zahra […]

Rosa’s Story

Words of Thanks: Rosa’s Story

When Rosa joined INMED’s Healthy Families program, she and her husband had just arrived from Mexico and were starting their journey as first-time parents, ready to do their best for their child. When Rosa graduated from the program, she sent her family support worker the following letter of thanks for the guidance and support she […]