A Life Transformed: Coralia’s Story

Family support workers in INMED’s Healthy Families Loudoun program care deeply for the families they serve. Naturally, these support workers are filled with pride when a parent gains the knowledge, skills, and commitment to graduate from the program with strength and self-confidence. One of these family support workers shared the story of a 23-year-old Coralia upon her graduation.

Coralia had her fair share of difficulties raising her 3-year-old daughter Ashley when she started our program. When her support worker was assigned to her case, Coralia was unmarried, living in an unstable home. She had little to no furniture, and what she did own was old and sometimes unsafe, but she couldn’t replace it on her limited budget. But with the help of her case worker, Coralia was able to obtain safe furniture for free from resources in her community.

“Although we don’t have much, I am glad that I at least have my family. I know we will be fine.”

One of Coralia’s goals was to learn how to drive. Fear of injuring herself or others kept her from learning before, but she was able to successfully complete her goal by breaking it into small steps. She now drives to work every day and can go out to run errands.

In the last eight months of her time in the program, Coralia was able to find a new home she loves within a heartfelt community. For the first time in her life, Coralia feels stable, and she even got married! She bought the dress of her dreams and married Ashley’s father in her church. Coralia’s support worker was happy to see how much she progressed by the time she graduated from the program. Coralia thanked INMED for all the stress they lifted off of her shoulders and her support worker for everything she did to guide and help her get to the place she is today.

“Although we don’t have much,” Coralia said, “I am glad that I at least have my family. I know we will be fine. Thank you so much.”

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