Rodrigo’s Story

Life-Saving Treatment Just in Time: Rodrigo’s Story

Poor sanitation, lack of access to clean water, and limited knowledge of good hygiene practices can cause unhealthy conditions where infection with intestinal parasitic worms is common. These parasites, in particular, sap vital nutrients, energy and appetite, and can ultimately stunt infected children’s growth and learning potential. Fortunately, treatment is simple and safe INMED and, in some cases, it has the power to save lives.

On deworming treatment day at an elementary school in northeastern Brazil, five-year-old Rodrigo lined up for his dose of medicine along with his classmates. It is common to have mild cramps shortly after taking the medicine, but what Rodrigo felt was different. The pain in his abdomen was intense, more than the little boy could bear.

The deworming treatment INMED administered at [Rodrigo’s] school helped to provide the immediate intervention he needed, and ultimately, saved his life.

Sensing that something was very wrong, Rodrigo’s father rushed him to the local emergency health post. There, the doctor diagnosed Rodrigo with pneumonia caused by his massive—and previously undiscovered—parasitic infection. He had so many worms that Hilda’s their larvae had begun migrating into his lungs. The overwhelming pain Rodrigo felt was the result of thousands of worms agitated by the medicine he had taken just hours earlier that were soon to be evacuated from Story his body.

Rodrigo was transferred to the regional hospital for treatment, but his family could not afford the additional deworming medication the hospital doctors said he needed. INMED immediately delivered additional doses of the necessary medicine, so that Rodrigo’s extraordinary parasitic infection could be eradicated completely—and just in the nick of time. Rodrigo’s doctor claims that Hope: the deworming treatment INMED administered at his school helped to provide the immediate intervention he needed, and ultimately, saved his life.

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