Jennifer’s Story

Never Giving Up: Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer, a single mother of four, has seen more grief than most parents can bear. Among her four children, she has one son who was diagnosed with autism and a developmental disorder, a daughter who attempted suicide, and another son who suffered a brain injury after a car crash. As the sole provider for her family, Jennifer has experienced a great deal of emotional and financial stress, along with her own health challenges.

“I have battled with an ovarian tumor, a sick child, and bankruptcy,” she said. “I have lost my home, marriage, and job.”

Facing substantial debt and an imminent risk of homelessness, Jennifer turned to INMED’s Homelessness Prevention program for help. She was assigned a case manager who assessed her spending habits— teaching her how to manage her money as well as how to tackle her debt. She established a monthly budget, and was soon able to negotiate her debts and eventually pay most of them off. Jennifer and her case manager applied for financial assistance, and with INMED’s help, she was able to cover her rent payments. She found a less expensive home for her family in order to save money, and with her rent reduced and her debts shrinking, Jennifer was finally able to open a savings account.

“No matter what happens, I am determined to finish my goal.”

Throughout all of her struggles, Jennifer was not only able to save her family from homelessness, but she also fulfilled her personal goal of publishing an autobiography. The book details both her childhood—growing up with a mother who confronted severe mental illness—and her adult life, chronicling the challenges she’s faced and overcome.

“No matter what happens,” she wrote, “I am determined to finish my goal. I have been through very difficult times, many struggles and loss along the way. My life has not been easy. However, having said that… God blessed my life with family I never knew, new friends, and restored friendships.”

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