Zahra’s Story

The Power of Persistence: Zahra’s Story

Zahra, wife and mother of two daughters, has a master’s degree and works as a teacher. Her family became homeless Rossy’s when she and her husband lost their jobs and were unable to make ends meet. After living in an emergency homeless shelter for several Treatment weeks, she joined INMED’s Opening Doors Solange’s program. “Zahra couldn’t have been happier the day her family was accepted into the county’s transitional housing program, allowing them to live in a private apartment while they worked with their INMED case manager.

Both parents continued to work during their time in the shelter and transitional housing—Zahra’s husband worked part-time for a security company, and Zahra worked as a retail clerk and overnight attendant at a youth shelter, while also completing coursework on the weekends to earn her U.S. teaching certificate. Zahra’s husband took care of the children while she worked and attended school.

“I will do anything to get out of this situation… all I need is a push, someone who can motivate me and help me get out of this hole.”

When she entered the program, Zahra had difficulty focusing on what she needed to do to emerge from her situation. By setting up an Individualized Family Support Plan, Zahra’s case manager helped her understand the importance of prioritizing and setting goals. Her first major goals were to get a for job with higher pay, complete her teaching certificate, and secure a teaching job. Signing the plan was uplifting for Zahra and she felt motivated and committed to succeed. The case manager continued to help sustain her motivation through weekly visits, offering additional help when needed.

Zahra completed her certification as a licensed multilingual teacher and secured a teaching position with an excellent salary. She is delighted with her new job and the financial stability it provides. Her daughters are well adjusted and doing well at school. The family is now saving to buy their own home, and Zahra is working toward becoming a U.S. citizen.

Zahra’s entire family is now thriving and provides an outstanding example of how families can recover from homelessness and become self-sufficient through INMED. Our Opening Doors program ensures that families like Zahra’s are given the respect, support, trust, advocacy, and encouragement they need to succeed on their own.

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